Edward Oparaoji PharmD.

Doctor or Pharmacy (PharmD); University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Current Role & Interests:

Professor Edward Oparaoji currently holds a leadership role  as a field based medical scientist at a US based major multinational Pharmaceutical Company. He oversees and facilitates relationships with scientific experts, clinical research, scientific publications, medical education and other medical affairs support initiatives, essential to bringing lifesaving medicines to patients. He is committed to bridging unmet needs in healthcare, education, good governance and overall quality and dignity of life.

Previous Roles/Appointments:

Prior to his current roles, Dr. Oparaoji held various high profile positions with increasing responsibilities in diverse organizations and settings. These included Professor of Critical Care Therapeutics, and Coordinator of the  Doctor of Pharmacy Programs Curriculum – both at Howard University’s College of Pharmacy, Washington DC; Director, Global Medical Affairs, Shire Pharmaceuticals, Pennsylvania; Director, Cardiovascular Field Medical Affairs, Sanofi-Aventis, New Jersey; National Director,  Medical Sciences, Publicis, Pennsylvania; Senior Vice President, Medical Scientific Affairs, Cline, Davis & Mann, New York; Neuroscience Consultant, Roche Pharmaceuticals, California; President, Horizon Medical Solutions, Oregon, and others. He founded, produced, directed, and hosted a popular radio program on AM WRC 980 in the Washington DC area, titled, “Ask the Pharmacy Doctor.”

Key Accomplishments

Professor Oparaoji is the Founder of ECUDOMEF – a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the quality of life of the underprivileged Nigerian, especially the youths, widows and orphans, through facilitation of access to affordable purposeful education and quality healthcare services. This organization has among other initiatives awarded over 300 scholarships, sponsored many free medical and educational outreach as well as  poverty alleviating programs. Dr. Oparaoji also currently serves as interim Chairman, Diaspora Nigerians Network (DNN); member Board of Trustees of the Nigerian Association of Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Scientists in the Americas (NAPPSA); Chairman and Senior Advisor, Nigerian-American Leadership Council (NALC)- a very influential  Nigerian think-tank in Washington DC, USA; Chairman, Board of Trustees, Amuzi Development Fund (ADF); Chairman, Eastern Mandate Union (EMU)-Abroad, to mention a few.

Professor Oparaoji obtained his Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Prior to emigrating to the US, he worked in Nigeria as a pharmacist, at the General Hospital, Port Harcourt; Military Hospital, Rukuba, Jos; and Imarsel Chemical Company, Calabar. He has published several scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, supervised 15 doctoral theses and presented at several major scientific meetings. A few of his widely cited original, published clinical research works, include “Aminoglycoside volume of distribution in postoperative patients with septic shock”; “Appropriateness of a 4 mg/kg gentamicin or tobramycin loading dose in post-operative septic shock patients”; “Aminoglycoside pharmacokinetics in African-Americans with normal renal function”; and “Cost Benefit Analysis of Monitoring Serum Vancomycin Concentrations in a Teaching Hospital”.

These works have contributed significantly in revolutionizing antibiotics dosing in critically ill patients and other special patients populations.

Chief Oparaoji, is a passionate pro-democracy and human rights advocate, who played a pivotal role in ushering in Nigeria’s current democracy. As the leader of the  Nigerian Democratic Awareness Committee (NDAC), Eastern Mandate Union (EMU)-Abroad and a Chieftain of the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), in the US, he alongside other patriots, doggedly fought and dismantled Nigeria’s military dictatorships and subsequently facilitated enthronement  of Nigeria’s current democratic dispensation. During these times, he represented the pro-democracy movement at key conferences, such as, Council on Foreign Relations, NY; Norwegian Council on Africa, held in Oslo; Center for Strategic and International Studies, DC; Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, DC; Amnesty International, DC; US Department of State; and the United States White House. He led the task force for developing the “Farewell to Poverty” plan – the strategic governing document for then President-Elect M.K.O. Abiola’s aborted administration. Professor Oparaoji was declared enemy of state by the Sani Abacha dictatorship thus preventing him from being at his Father’s burial.

Dr. Oparaoji is a recipient of numerous coveted awards for excellence, for his professional, community service and civil society contributions. These include: Who’s Who among Students in American Universities& Colleges; Honored Faculty and Excellence in Research Awards from Howard University; Horizon Star Award from Sanofi Pharmaceuticals; One-Shire Award from Shire Pharmaceuticals. He was recognized among Top 50 Nigerians in the US and Canada, and appointed Nigeria’s delegate to the 66th, 67th and 68th UN General Assembly (UNGA), in 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively. Other awards include “Outstanding Leadership and Community Services Award” from Aladinma Mbaise, University of Nigeria Alumni Association and Nwannedinamba Association, all in Washington DC.

Professor Edward Oparaoji hails from the Oparaoji royal family of Amuzi Autonomous Community in Ahiara, Ahiazu-Mbaise, Imo State Nigeria. An Ezeji, he is also a recipient of several traditional titles, such as Onwazuruoha Mbaise, Ugwumba Mbaise and Kpakpando Ndiigbo, and a philanthropist. Chief, Prince Oparaoji, is the first of four children of Their Royal Highnesses, Late Eze Cletus and Ugoeze Dorothy Oparaoji.

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