Hundreds Show Up For ECUDOMEF Medical Outreach Programme

Imo State, Nigeria, 12/31/2011: Almost 400 patients were evaluated, screened, counselled, dewormed and/or minor ailments treated during a medical outreach program sponsored by ECUDOMEF and Women Development and Community Health Projects (WDCHP), in an African village- Mbaise, Imo State in Nigeria. Based on assessment, patients were either prescribed and dispensed drugs/glasses to, and/or referred to local physician for follow up. The program which is consistent with the organizations objectives of bridging unmet medical needs and enhancing access to quality affordable health care, in underserved communities, were ably manned by competent healthcare personnel. They included 2 doctors, 2 nurse practitioners, one pharmacist, one laboratory technician, one optometrist, and a host of community healthcare workers. In her opening statement, the  Executive Director of WDCHP, Prof. (Mrs) Viola Onwuliri said “…..We are witnessing a small step towards solving a global problem of inequality in healthcare delivery and its devastating outcomes, especially in poor rural communities…we are committed to providing  comprehensive health services to prevent  HIV/AIDS, reduce infant mortality, elevate the living  standards  and status  of people,  especially  women, widows, orphans, vulnerable  children and others….we and our partners always look forward to this event where we can improve health.” Speaking at the occasion, the founder of ECUDOMEF, Prof. Edward Oparaoji said “…I am tireless when it comes to improving quality of life by bridging unmet medical needs, particularly in poor communities. I live and breathe it. My parents died from non-communicable diseases, which are responsible for over 80% mortality in communities like this. These realities have further motivated me to rededicate my life to ameliorating ill health especially in underserved communities. I derive the most joy and satisfaction when I know that my effort, either through ECUDOMEF or my day job has improved a life.” One of the attending doctors at the event Dr (Mrs) Ijeoma Dozie, of the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Owerri said “…I participated in this program last year but didn’t see anything like this. It’s just over 3:00 PM and I anticipate seeing over 100 patients by the end of the day, even as we triage among the physicians and nurses here. We are very busy, but it is satisfying that we are able to help. Some of the patients I saw have not been to a doctor for over 15 years and so don’t know their correct health status. I have written a lot of referrals for those with elevated blood pressure and/or blood glucose levels to see a local physician. I have also written medications which were dispensed by our pharmacist, who has two health workers assisting in her section and has done a fantastic job given the volume of patients.  I would appeal to all people of goodwill to continue to support ECUDOMEF because of the great work they are doing bringing healthcare to rural communities like this.” Also commenting about the program a patient Mr. Kirian Okwu said “I have been virtually blind and unable to read anything for a long time, but today the eye doctor examined my eyes and gave me these glasses. I can now see and read very well. I am grateful and pray that God reward this organization.”


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