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We recently received at ECUDOMEF (Eze Cletus and Ugoeze Dorothy Oparaoji Memorial Education Foundation), what would be considered a Save-Our-Soul (SOS) message from a recipient of our scholarship program, from a rural African community,  Amuzi, Mbaise in Imo State, Nigeria. The message reads thus “…..Sir please help us! The education system in our community Amuzi is collapsing very dangerously. Our only secondary school- Community Secondary School Amuzi, has had its final year certification examinations- the West African School Certificate (WASC) and National Examination Council (NECO) results withheld for two years in a row, and is now disqualified from fielding candidates for the West African School Certificate examination. The school as we speak doesn’t have the final year class- the Senior Secondary 3 (SS3) class. This troubling situation is as a result of the bad government we have here, resulting in lack of teachers and consequent examination malpractices. The shortage of teachers also extends to the three elementary schools in our town, each averaging about 300 students, but none with more than 5 teachers! It is very disturbing that a town that prides itself as bastion of education, a staunch Christian/Catholic town that has produced dozens of professors, priests, captains of industries, found itself in such hopeless situation. Sir, if we wait for government, it might be too late to salvage this generation and our future. We have so many retired teachers in our town that can be engaged to help provide teaching instructions, at the secondary school and the three elementary schools. Please sir, help us!”

Given that ECUDOMEF was already doing projects in the community, which could be jeopardized by this poor state of affairs, we didn’t hesitate to decide to do something, which is to raise funds to secure additional twenty (20) teachers, to ensure that there are at least ten teachers in each of the four schools, to achieve a student-teacher ratio of about 30:1- which although an improvement, is double what obtains in developed climes like the United States, where the average national ratio is 16:1. Studies have shown that larger student-teacher ratio, creates an undue burden on the educator, whose time is inefficiently consumed by efforts other than, giving attention to individual needs of students or quality of instruction- such as disciplining pupils or gaining their attention. It is widely accepted that a solid elementary and high school foundation, correlates with high college enrollment and enhanced economic well-being of rural residents and communities.

ECUDOMEF, although currently has on going scholarship and medical outreach programs in this community, however this current challenge is beyond our financial capacity.

It is against this background that we are asking for your help, to raise the needed funds to hire the much needed teachers to check this erosion of education in this rural African community. If you would like to help with this Sponsor-a-Teacher campaign, then please donate generously, and influence and motivate your family, friends and associates to do the same.

The estimated cost of this initiative, per academic year (9 months), at an average monthly stipend of $100 per month per teacher, and $2000 per month for 20 teachers, will be $18,000.


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