ECUDOMEF Empowers More Youths with Scholarships

Amuzi, Ahiazu-Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria: December 31, 2017: The Eze Cletus and Ugoeze Dorathy Oparaoji Memorial Educational Foundation (ECUDOMEF), awarded scholarships to top 6 students selected from a scholarship examination administered annually for the past 27 years.

Dr. Emeka Oparaoji, shake hands and present prizes to winners

The successful recipients were awarded their prizes, including N30,000 each, before a Church full audience, during a mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Innocent Uwa and others, at the St. Jude Catholic Church, Amuzi. The winners are Onyewuchi Christian Onwuwuike and Anyanwu Victor C. both from Umuowasi; Agwulonu Doris Toochi from Ako-na-Ojibo; Ogu MacDonald C from Umuokoro; and two siblings from Umuokazi – Anyanwu Esther C and Anyanwu Georgia Chidinma. Prior to the recipients receiving their awards, all candidates that sat for the exam who were in attendance at the Church were recognized and received consolation prizes. They also alongside the winners and their parents received special prayer and blessings from the officiating priests.

Board members with the scholarship winners

When given the opportunity to speak, the awardees and their parents sounded a common theme of prayer, praise and commendation for the Founder Professor Oparaoji, the Board Chair, Professor (Noble Lady) Viola Onwuliri and indeed ECUDOMEF, for “motivating, uplifting and bringing relief to us with this God sent blessing”. The mother of the two sibling recipients, teared up uncontrollably, saying “I have had sleepless nights praying and agonizing how we will find the money to further their studies, and this happens, oh God, Thank you Jesus”.

Rev. Fr. Innocent Uwa bless all who took the examination

The ceremony was coordinated by Her Excellency, Professor Viola Onwuliri, and assisted by Dr. (Mrs) Ngozi Nwigwe, Dr. Chinemerem Onwuliri, Dr. Emeka Oparaoji, Professor Ignatius Onyeocha, Mrs Gertrude Anya, Ms Alexandra Nwigwe and the Church Catechist Mr Isaac Izunwanne.

It must be recalled that this scholarship program was initiated in 1990, as Amuzi Scholarship Scheme, administered by His Royal Highness Eze Cletus Oparaoji, Eze Oha 1 of Amuzi-Ogwuama autonomous community, but became ECUDOMEF after he passed away on December 31, 1997.  Since initiation over 400 students have become beneficiaries, and gone to become positive contributors to society as healthcare practitioners, lawyers, engineers, teachers, clergy, successful entrepreneurs and in other life endeavors.

Prof. Onwuliri embracing Ms Alexandra Nwigwe at mass








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