ECUDOMEF Reaches Out to Madam Cecilia Opara, a once active women’s leader now debilitated by illness.

Amuzi, Ahiazu Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria: During a recent visit to his small African village- Umuokisi, Amuzi in Ahiazu LGA of Imo State Nigeria, the attention of Professor Eddie Oparaoji, the founder of the Eze Cletus and Ugoeze Dorathy Oparaoji Memorial Educational Foundation (ECUDOMEF), was drawn to the plight of one Mrs Cecilia Opara, a once very vibrant Women and amiable Community leader, now ravaged by illness and sequestered in a room, cared for by one of her daughters, while almost forgotten by the community she served dedicatedly for decades.
Professor Oparaoji visited Madam Cecilia with his ECUDOMEF team and were almost brought to tears at the sight of how illness has reduced this once vibrant woman giant to something much less of a shadow of herself. With her physical diminution, and failing vision, no wonder Professor Oparaoji was fooled when she said she rarely remembers anything, only to take him into a deep dive of timeline of events in the village.
During the dialogue she hinted that since her many years of illness she has remained holed up in her room, and that she would be grateful if she could get a wheelchair so that her daughter could take her outside whenever she desires. Professor Oparaoji obliged and requested his team to procure a top of the line wheelchair, which he personally delivered.
Madam Cecilia’s excitement, and hugs on delivery of the wheelchair were priceless and left no dry eyes in the room. Professor Oparaoji turned to his team and said “this is why we do what we do, she has served our community, there is no reason to desert her at her time of greatest vulnerability and need.”

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