Grand Debut Of The Commemoration of the 1st World Day for Grandparents & the Elderly in Amuzi

Her excellency Prof Viola Onwuliri

Her excellency Prof Viola Onwuliri

Amuzi, Ahiazu-Mbaise, Imo State, Nigeria, Sunday July 25, 2021: A Nigerian based non-governmental organization, PROFOUND (The Professor Celestine Onwuliri Foundation) collaborating with a US-based counterpart, ECUDOMEF (Eze Cletus and Ugoeze Dorathy Oparaoji Memorial Educational Foundation) recently concluded a 2- day celebration of the first “World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly”, on Sunday July 25.  This event was to accomplish the vision of Pope Francis, for what older people, their grandchildren and friends should do to change the world after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The action focus was all about showing them tenderness. The PROFOUND and ECUDOMEF volunteers led by Nigeria’s 2-times Minister for State in Education and Foreign Affairs, and Supervising Foreign Affairs Minister, Her Excellency Professor Viola Onwuliri and accompanied by clergy from St Jude’s Catholic Church, Amuzi, led by Rev. Fr. Paschal Njoku, visited over 100 elderly and/ or bedridden persons, in the ten villages of Amuzi-Ahiazu Mbaise (namely, Umuokazi, Umuokoro, Akona-Ojibo, Umuhu-na-Loghocho, Umuofor, Umuowasi, Umunnanwe, Umuodu, Izuoha, Umuochamoko), and prayed with them, handed out rosaries, cash, disinfectants, balm, paracetamol and vitamin B complex, buckets , toilet roll, beddings, detergents, bar soap, toilet soap, cooked food, warm clothing and firewood and also assisted with cleaning their surroundings and environment. They also handed out some little cash in addition.

An appreciative grandparent w/ Prof Viola Onwuliri

An appreciative grandparent w/ Prof Viola Onwuliri

The Pope in his message to commemorate this Day acknowledged the suffering, loneliness and fear many older people experienced during the worst of the pandemic, and also when he reminded older Catholics that, like him, they still have a vocation to share the faith and care for others. He also granted Plenary indulgence for those who participated in celebrating the day with these elderly persons.
The kick off was declared with solemn prayer worthy of the epoch event by the Assistant Parish Priest for St. Jude’s Catholic Parish,  Rev. Fr Paschal Njoku who also blessed the gift items. He also prayed for Grandparents, the elderly and the event sponsors- the families of Prof Celestine Onwuliri (PROFOUND) and the Oparaoji  Royal Family (ECUDOMEF) for their benevolence and kindness. He also appreciated and prayed for the Holy Father for his wisdom in establishing the day.
In his comment following the very successful program, the Founder of ECUDOMEF, Professor Eddie Oparaoji said “we must first give all glory to God without whom this event and its fantastic outcome would not have been possible. As it has been observed throughout mankind, God after creation does wonders or miracles indirectly through his creations. The dexterity and tirelessness with which the leader and coordinator of the program and 2-times Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Professor Viola Onwuliri successfully landed this event can only be describe as act of God and she deserves all our Thank you!

Elderly Persons Volunteer Visitation Squad

Also deserving commendations are Mrs Lucky Njoku assisted by Mrs Uchechi Agomuo and all the volunteers who gave up their other personal and family responsibilities for over one week to plan and flawlessly execute this program. May I, finally on behalf of the sponsors extend appreciation to our elderly persons who without reservations welcomed us into their homes to share warmth and affection, we are very enriched by the experience. May God meet us all at our points of need.”

An Elderly Nze Nwagwu (seated) flanked by Prof Viola Onwuliri and the Clergy

It must be recalled that the 2- day visitation exercise started from the St Jude’s Catholic Church on Saturday July 24 via Umuokazi, Umuokoro, Ako-na-Ojibo, Umuhu-na-Loghocho, Umuofor, Umuowasi and ended at Umunnanwe, then resumed on Sunday, July 25 to Umuodu, Izuoha, and concluded at Umuachamoko. The elderly persons visited in each village are as follows;

1: Romanus Agomuo 2: Nze Nwagwu 3: Louisa Okoro 4: Regina Opara 5:Theresa Opara 6: Isabella Nwahiri 7: Elizabeth Jizurumba 8: Felicia. M. Jizurumba (Mark) 9: Charles Ugoji 10: Ann Ugoji 11: Rose Ogu 12: Lucy Obasi 13: Angela Eze 14: Vincent Nwahiri 15: Ann Ohakwe 16: Joseph Eze 17: Louisa Ekeocha 18: Aham Roseline 19. Dominic Nwagwu
1:Madu Helen 2: Aham Kelvin 3: Oparaji Olivia 4: Anyanwu James 5: Aham Lydia 6: Onyenegacha James 7: Ewelike Victoria 8: Anyanwu Maria 9: Nze Muonaka 10. Mrs Francisca Muonaka.
1: Alfred Ohaegbu 2: Lolo Theresa Onwuliri 3: Justina Onyeulo 4: Felicia Eke 5: Ihemedu Chokie 6: Cecilia Nnodim 7: Catherine Njoku (Obunuma) 8: Peter Uzoma 9: Victoria Ibe 10: Rose Njoku 11: Anthony Iwu Amadi 12: Joseph Njoku.
1: Anthonia Otuibe 2: Anthonia Odu 3: Apollonia Opara 4: Polycap Obi 5: Esther Oham 6: Rose Nkwocha 7: Isabella Ekwueme 8: Virginia Igbokwe 9: Louisa Ogu 10: Fidelia Ogu 11: Anthony Ogu 12: Boniface Onyewuenyi.
1:  Mrs Anthonia Nwanyaola Iwuji 2: Kevin Onyeananam 3: Cordelia Onyeananam 4: Sebastine Odu 5: Theresa Asimole 6: Joseph Oluigbo 7: Margret Oluigbo 8: Bernadine Ugwuegbulem 9: Adaku Onyeananam 10: Theresa Odu 11: Comfort Eledo 12: Lady Maria Ogu.
1: Peter Uka 2: Marcillinus Nwachukwu 3: Ngozi Onyeneri 4: Victoria Nduka 5: Bernadette Nduka 6: Jude Njoku 7: Anna Ejere 8: Francis Ohaegbu 9: Agnes Gakwe.
1: Leticia Omire 2: Anna Nwagwu 3: Francisca Okorokwo 4: Callistus Nwachukwu 5: Pius Oledimma 6: Josiah Opara 7: Theresa Nwachukwu 8: Sylvaline Ihejire 9: Everistus Njoku 10: Louisa Chukwu
1: Beatrice Anozie 2: Anthony Anozie 3: James Ihekwoaba 4: Robert Onu 5: Patricia Nkwocha 6: Pricilla Osuji 7: Anthonia Onu 8: Cecilia Anyanwu 9: Regina Nwachukwu 10: Raphael Akujuobi 11: Hyacinth Ihekwoaba.
1: Mrs. Justina Onyekwere 2: Virginia Ofoegbu 3: Ambrose Onyekwere 4: Donatus Nwachukwu 5: Marcelinus Kemdirim 6: Erimga Mmerela 7: Bede Ekechukwu 8: Joe Nwachukwu.
1: Dominic Anaejionu 2: Maurice Njoku 3: Anthonia Agbaraji 4: Ego Opara 5: Peter Amaechi 6: Paulina Nwachukwu 7: Godson Alim 8: Livinus Ogbede 9: Joy Njoku.

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